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Welcome from our Founder

Dear Odyssey Family,

If you are new to Odyssey, welcome to our schools! And if you are returning after, hopefully, a relaxing summer reprieve, welcome back! I would like to thank all of you for bestowing upon us the honor of working with the most precious resource our planet holds – your beautiful child.

The mission of Odyssey is to help students reach their full potential within a holistic education framework—we strive to develop the whole child! So we search for programs that will help our students develop as individuals as well as educational programs that will truly educate our students with the highest standards of academic achievement. Whether your child is in one of our Montessori early childhood classrooms or conducting STEM field studies in Middle School, our goal is always to provide rigor within safe and caring learning environments. We also seek to provide a highly qualified and trained teaching faculty so that we as a school community can help our students develop skills of analysis, critical thinking and advanced problem solving ability.

Programs like "Positive Discipline in the Classroom" allow classroom communities to grow authentically and together in mutual respect, so that healthy classroom and school cultures are developed where real learning can take place. Through experiences within real classroom communities we are preparing our students with a strong foundation for future leadership in the larger world community. We know that when students know the level of our caring and when we form honest and respectful connections with them, trust is developed and our students grow beautifully.

Odyssey family, we count on your full support as partners in your child's education. Learning must occur both at school and at home. Together, as one team, we will provide the very best education for your child. Please also know that we count on your volunteer support and require 18 hours during the school year (or 25 hours for two or more students). One of the best ways you can support your child, for any age, is through the Read Aloud Program. This program gives you volunteer hours for reading exceptional literature together as a family within your home. Someone once said that to become an expert at anything it takes 10,000 hours. So if you want your child to be exceptionally educated, it will take full support and dedication on all fronts.

Welcome, again, to our Odyssey family. Let's give our children their best year yet!

In service of the child,

Constance Ortiz School Founder