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Academic grades reflect the student's academic progress and achievement in mastering the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and/or the Common Core State Standards, as applicable. The determination of the specific grade a student earns is based on all aspects of each student's performance during a grading period, including such factors as academic mastery, class attendance, homework, and participation.

The grades used for primary students (K-2) measure academic performance and are used as a means of reporting achievement relative to New Generation Sunshine State Standards and other curriculum objectives.

Students in Kindergarten through Second grade are assessed using the following grading scales:


4 = Meets and applies expectations/standards independently
3 = Meets and applies expectations/standards with support
2 = Does not meet expectations/standards; shows growth with additional support
1 = Does not meet expectations/standards; shows no growth even with support

First and Second Grades:

O = Outstanding
S = Satisfactory
N = Not demonstrated
U = Unsatisfactory

Students in Third grade and up are assessed using the following grading scales:

Third Grade and up:

Grade Numerical Value (%) Verbal Interpretation Grade Point Value
A 90-100 Outstanding 4.0
B 80-89 Good Progress 3.0
C 70-79 Average Progress 2.0
D 60-69 Lowest Acceptable Progress 1.0
F 0-59 Failure 0
I 0 Incomplete 0






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